Vape enthusiast opinion

As a vape enthusiast, I can only say I really respect the products that are currently being released by Five Pawns. Many small eJuice companies are beginning to start their own lines of eJuice mixing VG with flavors but not truly providing a quality product for the price that Five Pawns supplies. Personally I have tried Five Pawns eJuice and I am a large fan of their Signature Series as they continue to sell top shelf liquid which leave customers in awe while keeping them returning.
I would say as of now my favorite flavor is either the Grandmaster flavor or the Gambit flavor. For those who like sweet, tasty caramel-like flavors this would definitely be a good fit. Without forgetting about those who are fans of a mint flavor, I would recommend the Bowden’s Mate flavor. Regardless for which exact taste you are aiming for, you can find what you are interested in and looking for at Five Pawns.
While one might look at the price and be overwhelmed by the $27.50 price tag, but truly it is a good deal for the product they are providing. Not mentioning any companies, but there are other companies ripping off their customers with staggering prices well beyond Five Pawn’s rate. A premium eJuice could be sold for up to $40 which is a good deal depending the on the taste and quality of the juice.
For those who are looking to really bulk up on their eJuice stash, there are bargain deals where you can get a sample pack with the whole Five Pawn’s eJuice line ranging from sweet flavors such as the Grandmaster or something minty like Bowden’s Mate. All of your vaping requests and needs can be met just from the goods and services they offer.
The founder of the company, Rodney Jerabek, promises to provide only the best hand-made eJuice that will keep customers happy and constantly looking for more juice as the company will continue to amaze and new flavors are released constantly. He is a innovative and clever with his creations looking to meet all tastes such as sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami. Many cannot attest to these eJuices as Jerabek has been surrounded by similar products and only providing the best of the competition.
I hope to continue to see and test new flavors coming from Five Pawns as they have yet to let me down. I can only say Five Pawn’s eJuice flavors are one of the best I have had acknowledging the fact that I have been chasing clouds for quite some time and have tested many company’s flavors. Five Pawns has me sold.